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Summary: Jim's keeping tally, but the evidence just isn't quite strong enough yet.
Categories: The Sentinel > Jim/Blair Characters: Future J/B
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Angst
Series: None
Chapters: 1
Completed: Yes Word count: 1002 Read Count: 4965
Published: 2005.12.26 Updated: 2005.12.26
Summary: I want a kid because kids can complete you. Not spiritually or anything like that, but they bring things full-circle. Your whole life is suddenly subject to them. You come when they need you, you comfort them when they fall, smack ‘em when they’re stupid and cry when they finally succeed. You do what was done for you and gain the knowledge that seemed to make the big people so smart when you were young. You get to be the protector, the nurturer, the worrier, the warden, the role model. You take a vulnerable life and prepare it for the world. It’s a big job and one’s that’s so easy to screw up. But it’s worth it, ya know?
Categories: Gundam Wing > Friendship/Gen Characters: No Pairing
Genres: 2004 WIP Challenge/Contest, Domestic, Humour/Comedy
Warnings: Language (Coarse Language, Profanity)
Series: The Children's Series
Chapters: 1
Completed: Yes Word count: 1653 Read Count: 4309
Published: 2007.01.29 Updated: 2007.01.29
Summary: A fusion with the movie "Kindergarten Cop".

Story Started: June 8, 2003

*** Time passing or scene change

Categories: Gundam Wing > 1x2x1 Characters: 1x2/2x1, 3x4/4x3, 5xM
Genres: Romance, Alternate Universe, Get-together, Drama, Fusion
Warnings: Violence, Angst, Death
Series: None
Chapters: 17
Completed: No Word count: 40574 Read Count: 7125
Published: 2005.04.14 Updated: 2006.07.09
Summary: Why any of us had expected soldiers and officers of the former Alliance, Oz, Romefeller, White Fang, and even Mariemaia's army, to welcome former Gundam pilots into their ranks, I don't know. But we did. Not just Heero and I, but Une and Sally and the others who had wanted our expertise under their command. We'd expected people who'd lost friends, comrades, commanders, soldiers under their command, to accept if not welcome those responsible for their losses. We were wrong.

Categories: Gundam Wing > 1x2x1 Characters: 1x2/2x1
Genres: First Time, Romance, Action/Adventure, Get-together, Friendship Fic
Warnings: Violence, Sexual Content (Lime/Lemon)
Series: None
Chapters: 1
Completed: Yes Word count: 17316 Read Count: 3535
Published: 2003.11.12 Updated: 2005.04.13