Try It Just This Once by Sol 1056
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Heero took a moment to register that Duo had spoken, made a noncommittal sound, and flipped to the third page in the newspaper to continue reading an article on downtown subway development issues. Duo continued discussing the convention, and Heero responded appropriately every now and then, his brain pleasantly on autopilot in the secure safety that Duo wouldn't take advantage of his not-yet-awake state. Ten minutes after arriving at work, and his pleasant assumption was being destroyed, by the last thing he'd expected Duo to suggest.

"Great! So we'll cosplay together."

Heero had to rewind rapidly, trying to figure out how he'd managed to arrive at that point in the conversation.


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Published: 2005.05.13 Updated: 2005.05.13

1. One-shot by Sol 1056 [Reviews - 23] (7292 words)
warnings: mid-Otakon insanity ahead

Written for Sharon with appreciation & (admittedly uncharacteristic) friendliness from this anti-social bastard, and dedicated to The Duo, who is a rare soul to make me really laugh while surrounded by a thousand people, and who undoubtedly could use a foot massage right about now. Also thanks to Emily Ravenwood whose lengthy analysis of the characters in PoT was the source for much of the character names and commentary. Whew.

Blame also to DC Logan, Jana, Christine, Casey, and Zania for egging me on.