Author's Note About the Stories by Sol 1056
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Author's Note about the Stories

Every now and then, I get asked: what were you thinking? In fact, nearly every story has been written as a challenge to myself, to tackle a style, character, or (often clichéd) storyline. Listed in roughly chronological order.

Drums of Heaven. 1, write a Heero that isn't an unfeeling automaton; 2, a Duo as dark and cynical as the one in the series could be; 3, a Quatre who does more than offer tea or places to stay; 4, have a significant thriller-suspense plotline with twists; 5, force Heero to question his oath in EW.

Of Cats and Wolves. 1, write comedic, light-hearted story; 2, answer various fantasy clichés where G-boys are part-animal. Katikat wrote the one-shot that got me considering this challenge seriously.

Meeting Beatrice. Write a slapstick comedy. I thought deconstructing Shakespeare would show me one way it can be done. Lesson learned: I suck. Shakespeare's comedies require that we believe one or more characters can be utter morons, and I couldn't push myself to be that OOC. This is one of the few stories I'd willingly wipe from my memory and any archives. Read at your own risk.

Of Cats and Wolves II. Write a sequel. Lesson learned: do not start a sequel if you don't love the new story as much as the original.

Monster Trucks, Roadside Weeds, and the Art of Seducing Duo Maxwell. 1, write a get-together fic where Heero is the one pining, and Duo's clueless; 2, write it from someone else's POV. Making it a comedy does mean characters get warped (I learned that from Beatrice) but I still like this Trowa.

Try it Just This Once. Write Sharon's (Moments of Rapture) favorite pairings from two different fandoms, in the same story. Utterly for fun and the sake of making people crack up on Sunday morning at Otakon.

Echoes and Postscripts. 1, explore POVs that weren't expressed in Drums; 2, weave aftermath of Drums into non-linear storyline. Still in progress, but not abandoned.

Now you know the purposes behind the stories, and what I was trying to achieve. Not all of them worked, and some of them worked only insofar as a writer would qualify them as a 'success.' Even if some aren't much fun for the readers, enough worked that I'm mildly pleased with the majority.

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