Alpha by The Amazing Maurice
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Summary: Death isn’t serious – he just has a very good poker face. An ‘alternative’ version of That Scene in ‘Sentinel Too’; a crossover with Discworld.
Rated: FRC
Categories: The Sentinel > Gen Characters: No Pairing
Genres: Crossover, Humour/Comedy, Supernatural
Warnings: Death
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Published: 2005.10.03 Updated: 2005.10.03

1. One-shot by The Amazing Maurice [Reviews - 59] (1316 words)
The Sentinel kick continues! It must be the slash vibes, although this isn't quite slashy. This was completely unintentional, caused by a brief, flickering notion I had while writing another story, and I had to write this. I’m sure Nomad’s done it before, though...

Disclaimer: Jim Ellison belongs to Pet Fly, or at least it did, once, long ago, not that I’m annoyed or anything, oh no. Death belongs to Terry Pratchett. Sort of.